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Jennifer Jones

Hi! I'm Jennifer, and welcome to Hagar's Heart! Years ago, Hagar’s Heart was a thought. Then a dream. Now a reality. A seed planted in my head to create a space for women, where they join with others, to feel seen, worthy, and loved.

To be blessed, no matter what circumstances we face.

In 2018 after 20 years in education, it became evident that I was being called to a different place. My heart was changing. It was seeking another way to help and connect with others. Little did I know, a dream I had so many years ago was about to come true.

I became a full-time mom, a gift that I had always wanted, but never came to fruition. In 2018 it did. But God wanted more of me. He wanted me to learn how to love Him most and seek Him always. So through a lot of reading (And let me say, I wasn't a reader until 2018!), quiet time, and God nudges, the idea of Hagar's Heart was born.

I do this for my family so they have the best of me. I do this for my daughter so she will learn that she is precious no matter what others say. I do this for women who may not have a voice. Life is a journey that is never easy, but when we have a tribe on our side, it is much more doable.