Who is Hagar's Heart?

Hagar’s Heart was founded to support women in crisis and inspire them to rediscover how they are seen, valued, and loved.

Interview with Lupe Zapata, Spectrum News

Self-care is a necessity often forgotten in crisis.
Hagar's Heart is here to bring it back to existence.
Join our fight to empower women in crisis.

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How does my donation help?

Each donation goes back into the programs to support women in emergency domestic violence shelters. Below is a list of exactly where it goes:

  • Provide monthly “I See You” boxes to women in crisis that encourage self-care and mental health healing.

  • Educate others on domestic abuse and the need for self-care.

  • Expand more self-care programs to all emergency domestic violence shelters across the DFW metroplex.

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The Facts

What does domestic violence look like in DFW?

What is domestic violence?

It's more than a black eye.

The Hh

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How can you help

Ways to donate

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