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The HH Letter Campaign

Write a letter. Impact a woman's world.


When I was little, I loved when I got a letter in the mail. It meant someone was thinking of me. That I mattered. Seeing a few words, handwritten, on a piece of paper, made me feel special. Could we change a woman's world in a few shared words from your heart, through pen and paper?

One of the biggest desires of Hagar's Heart is to connect with women on all levels and have a relationship with them. Through our words and actions, the desire of the letter is to encourage women to feel seen, worthy, and loved. Join us in the Hagar's Heart Letter Campaign.


What is the Hagar's Heart Letter Campaign?

A Hagar's Heart letter is the first thing a woman sees when she opens her I See You Box. It is a letter of affirmation and encouragement, leading into a box full of self-care items. 


What should I include in the letter?

  • Start out by addressing the letter, "Dear Friend,"

  • Affirming words like: seen, worthy, loved, valued, brave

  • Quotes of affirmation

What should NOT be included in the letter?

  • Advice

  • Projection of feelings: "It's going to be okay" or "You're going to make it."

  • Any personal information. Sign the letter with an initial or first name only or simply, "A Friend."

  • Any religious references

Can I see an example of a letter? 

Click here for many examples of sentences and letters, supporting affirmation and encouragement.

When do you need letters? When should I start writing?

NOW! We deliver I SEE YOU boxes once a month, on the first of the month. We deliver 200 boxes a month.  We are always in need of letters.

Where do I send letters?

Send letters to: HAGAR'S HEART, PO Box 14645, Arlington, TX 76094.


What size should the letter be?

Letters must be 4X6" or smaller. Folded card or note card both work! DO NOT seal in an envelope. No envelope is necessary.

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