Planting a seed for hope.

The I SEE YOU Box was created as a way to reach out to women, in uncertain times of their lives. The I SEE YOU Box brings a message of: You are seen, worthy, and loved. Each box is filled with items that can renew a spirit and bring back hope.

The key item is a Hagar's Heart letter; a letter written from a woman to a woman, sharing hope, love, and positive affirmations. It is the hopeful seed to begin a new life.

What is in the I SEE YOU Box?

The I SEE YOU Box is the first thing, into a woman's hands, as she enters the domestic violence shelter. The I SEE YOU box is filled with items for self care. It is the first step Hagar's Heart provides, to show a woman she is seen, worthy, and loved. 

Can I donate items?

YES! Hagar's Heart has a standard list of items needed. These can be found on the Amazon Wish List, or can be collected and sent to Hagar's Heart. The following items are in an I SEE YOU Box: plastic box; succulent; lip balm; make up bag; nail file; clippers; loofah and handmade soap; hand sanitizer; face, hand and feet spa masks; face mask for sleep; hand lotion and pocket Kleenex; chocolate; journal and pen. 

Are donations tax deductible?

YES! If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please send an email to, with your amount spent, items, home address and phone number.

How can I find out when you need items?

Our best communication is through our email list! Every month, we have a newsletter with monthly needs. We are on Facebook and Instagram. Social media will lists needs as well.

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