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The HH Response

Simply put, Hagar’s Heart is an Arlington-based non-profit organization that helps women in local domestic violence shelters begin the process of regaining self-worth.

But of course, there’s nothing simple about it.

HH Response Projects

I See You Box

The I SEE YOU Box is a monthly project into a woman's hands, as she enters the domestic violence shelter. The I SEE YOU box is filled with items for self care. It is the first step Hagar's Heart provides, to show a woman she is seen, worthy, and loved. 

Holiday Surprises

On holidays throughout the year, HH will provide special treats for the women in crisis.

CARRY THE JOY Fundraiser

Our CARRY THE JOY Fundraiser is a silent auction and raffle for handbags, totes, and purses. Carry the Joy provides funds for Hagar's Heart programs. A percentage of the funds raise are given back to each shelter to provide self-care support specific to those they serve.

The HH Letter Campaign

One of the biggest desires of Hagar's Heart is to connect with women on all levels and have a relationship with them. Through our words and actions, the desire of the letter is to encourage women to feel seen, worthy, and loved. Join us in the Hagar's Heart Letter Campaign.

Hagar's Heart Pop Up Shop

The Hagar's Heart Pop Up Shop is an opportunity to provide a shopping experience for the women in our local partner domestic violence shelters.

Read. Relax. Renew.

This program will provide children in the shelter with storytimes, one on one reading times, and an opportunity to have fun playing games with others.


This is also an opportunity for women to experience a time to relax and renew, learning new hobbies, arts and crafts, or just taking time for themselves in their room.

Women's Day Brunch

Hagar's Heart provides brunch to our partners in May, to honor and celebrate the moms/women who are currently in residence.  We will love on these women with a special brunch, a small gift and flowers provided.

Santa's Shack

 Santa's Shack was created for children and case workers to shop for the women of the shelters. Volunteers are able to use their gifts to create gifts, shop for gifts, and wrap each gift.

When I received my box, I didn't know how to take care of myself, but the things in the box reminded me, that I have to learn.

                                                      -I SEE YOU Box Recipient

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