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Be part of Hagar's Heart story.

The role of a woman, and the many hats that can be worn, is a constant struggle. We strive for perfection, yet feel, at times, we miss the mark. At least, we 'think' that way. The daily ins and outs of life can help us forget, just what our purpose is. We can often feel insecure, discouraged, hopeless, and invisible.

As women, we need: security, self-sufficiency, loyalty, confidence, perseverance, humility, and joy.

As women, we want: honesty, confidentiality, transparency, understanding, encouragement, and trust.

Women together become: faithful, genuine, authentic, accountable, approachable, compassionate, and real.

Hagar, a servant in the Bible, showed us we, as women, are seen by God. We are loved by God. We are worthy to God. 


Hagar's Heart strives to help all women be SEEN. 

Through an online community for women, virtual Bible studies, community gatherings (face to face and virtual), volunteering, and outreach with local domestic violence shelters, Hagar's Heart works hard to give encouragement to every woman. Here you are SEEN, WORTHY, and LOVED, no matter what season of life you are in.

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