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The HH Story


Twenty Shoeboxes and Orange Carnations​

May 2020. Worldwide Pandemic. The burning desire to help other women couldn't wait any longer. A pandemic was no longer going to stop Hagar's Heart. So a post on Facebook and many women, filled the desire to help others. We had created this idea of an I SEE YOU box: a shoebox filled with luxury items for women in domestic violence shelters and flowers for children to give to their moms. A local catering company prepared a special brunch too.

On Saturday, May 9th, 2020, 20 shoeboxes, a handful of orange carnations, and a brunch for 16 women, was delivered to a local domestic violence shelter.​

Two weeks later, the nonprofit 501(c)3 became HAGAR'S HEART.​


We've grown from 20 unlabeled shoeboxes, to serving 4 domestic violence organizations (8 shelters) across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, in multiple ways. We've provided bikes, car seats, strollers, and meals, all so that women can take care of themselves.​


The vision of Hagar's Heart is to become the GO-TO nonprofit for Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex women's shelters, providing self-care support for women. When women are in need of more than the necessities: tools to help women rediscover they are seen, valued, and loved, Hagar's Heart works to provide these things.

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