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Miracles Can Happen...

Update: This was written 4 years ago. The actual date of this miracle was 11 years ago, April 26th.

7 years ago today, I was trying to do the "adult thing" and take control of my life. Little did I know, God was taking the control back.

I was in a wreck that rolled my Tahoe 3-5 times, broke every window in my car, and the jaws of life were the only thing they could use to release me. It was a loooong recovery and I still suffer from some symptoms today.

I write this to say, that night was the night I truly released it all to God. It's a miracle I'm still here. Mom asked me if my airbags popped out and I said yes, I had felt them hit me. When Todd and Chadwick went to see my car, the airbags never deployed. My lifesaver was God. He pinned me in my seat to keep me from ejecting.

God has a plan for me, you, and all who come to Him. I'm so thankful for the blessings He gives me and has yet to give. I'm especially thankful for my family and friends who were there in a heartbeat and the comfort that was given to them in this uncertain time.

I pray that everyone reading this will feel the arms of God wrapped around them today and everyday, as I have felt since 4/26/2009. God's not finished with me yet! Let Him write your story. It's amazing how great of an author our God is!

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